Friday, April 30, 2010

A General Update on the Current Events.

So, I believe its been a while since I put up a generalized post on what's happenin in my life. Since my last post, quite a bit has taken place actually. My review got published and i got some awesome grades ( for my standard of course ) paid college fees and all that.

Well anyway, my grades, which were 5% higher than my last term, were received well by my family and im finally getting back on track given my terrible history in education over the past few years. And its such that they were actually decent for a change.

Anywho, I had plenty of fun in over the past month or so having a relaxed sleep schedule, got a lot of time to myself without disturbance and all, all up until last night. Now see, my dad had left for Chennai again on the 9th of April to continue with the work he had over there and had just come back home yesterday with a glum mood. Little did I know what was in store for me later.

Since I was pretty used to my abnormal sleep schedule, I got down to writing a guide last night on here after doing my chores for the day and finally finishing up around 2am or so, at which point my dad walked into my room all pissed off asking me what the hell was going on.

Now he's usually the type to gain something out of everything, much like he wanted to see only productivity out of my laptop and nothing else. I told him at the time that I had just finished writing a guide but he just buffer and went back to bed, and for the next 10 minutes kept going "tch" so loud I could hear it in my room until the lights went out. I took no notice and went to bed right after I switched off the lights.

Now the real deal happened in the morning. I woke up around 12pm like I usually do, and was checking out something in the newspaper when my dad started something about wasting time at night and all and began shouting. Again, I told him I wasn't wasting time and I was just writing a guide and he shouted "about what?", to which I replied read it so you can get an overview. Apparently that pissed him off because I wasn't being "transparent".

What bullshit. What is he going to know about application replacement on Android? Then he was like you don't need to use that laptop cuz you're not using it productively. Yeah. Absolutely. This meant I'm not allowed to touch that laptop. Ever.

So anyway, I decided to be the better man. I took off all my data off that laptop and gave it right back to him. His contention is I should use my phone since its so expensive and does everything for being non productive. What a jip. I needed to write another Android article today for the Erodov Article competition but I guess that ain't happenin now.

And later when my mom asked me in front of him what the guide was about I explained it to her in layman's terms and he got pissed and was shouting without knowing the A or D of Android. I don't need to take this crap.

Anyway, as of today, I've decided that I will buy another rig since he decided to take away that laptop from me. And the best part is..he tells my mom that if I want to use a laptop, I can use hers knowing very well that I can't do anything with that laptop.because its dying. Good going dad.

So this concludes my story. Over the day, I've been responding to emails, posting on Erodov, watching videos and all all from my phone. Even this post is written from my phone and that explains why this post isn't too long or well-written for that fact.

Anyway, I don't intend on being sporadic with my posts now that I have nothing better to do but until next time.


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