Sunday, December 5, 2010

An Interesting Point to Note

I just wanted to convey a few single point about all my guides.

Almost all of them use the Android Debug Bridge at some point of time or the other. While I know that this is inconvenient to users who live pretty much on their cellphones, I feel that having a fullsize keyboard and mouse is very productive and can help the Android work get done faster, since my phone's already hooked up.

I prefer using ADB because I can copy paste commands over straight without having to type them out over and over again. Also, since I can type at approx 90-94WPM on my keyboard, I'd rather type everything out on the keyboard than use the phone.

Hence I see ADB as a VERY important tool and will continue using it in all my guides. Besides, there's nothing better than opening a command prompt window and doing stuff to your phone to give you the placebo of being a programmer or a hacker. I like that feeling.

So if you don't like my guides that use ADB, well, they ain't for you then. They're for the people who like to get their work done quickly and efficiently via the computer.


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