Thursday, February 25, 2010

The End of the Term

Well, so I got bored and decided to sit on the internet. It seems that my term finally ends tomorrow ( the lectures of course ) and I'm pretty happy. Although I do have six fucking hours of lectures for teachers who didn't even complete the syllabus five days before the fucking finals.

I hate this place. 3 days of grueling internals where each and every teacher tries to fuck us all over and then the Financial Management teacher today gives us "important" stuff to study and then fucking tells us we still have to study the whole fucking textbook.

Whats more.. he tells us we can get the practical problems all correct, but if we miss out on writing some narrations in the accounts, he'll deduct marks for no apparent reason. So out of a 15-mark question, we're looking at 13 marks for a correct question. Next he says even if we get all the theory right, he cannot give max marks.

What a fucking idiot. I will shove his stupid Tamilian head up his ass one day.

I hate exams. And I hate how teachers give fucking question banks for the stupid kids who study in my fucking college. They have absolutely nothing better to do. To me, a fucking question bank is just a means for someone to kill their brain cells memorizing stuff to no redemption. The Entrepreneurship Management teacher gives us 26 questions to study as a question bank.. and of those 26 questions, 3 will get picked to grace us with darkness during the exam because the first question will be a fucking case study.

Well, anyway, time to catch up on sleep and getting down to studying later.


  1. Yea, I'm tamil too.. but I don't behave like them -.-

  2. @Aumi Thats the case everywhere.. these fucking asswankers will complete 10 chapters in the month before the finals but 1 chapter ever 2 months normally

  3. Forget that. My teacher was classic yesterday. Twelve chapters in 3 hours. EPIC>

  4. 12 chapters in 3 hours?