Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finals Start.

So.. finally my semester exams start today.. Basically seven days of exams that aren't actually as bad as people make them out to be because they're college exams and not ones set by the University of Mumbai. Regardless, I have to write a ridiculous amount due to the fact that I mostly have theory papers this semester but I'll finally be able to relax once these are done.

I have five exams this week, with today's special being "Universal Banking", an easy subject that deems one to sit for the lectures rather than bother writing anything in the exam to obtain half-decent marks. Tomorrow's exam, however, will kill the child in most people because we'll all want to get rid of the stupid teacher who teaches that particular class for her terrible English and lazy attitude.

Anyway, I'm off for my exam which will last from 9-11am ( Apparently 2 hours are required for 60mark papers while for 20 mark papers, only 1 hour is a requirement ) and then I'll end up getting back home to study MOAR!



  1. Don't have an option. Most of my papers are pure theory and BS. I study the concepts and BS all I want on the exams.

  2. good luck brother. ^^ you will do great in all five.