Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Review Gets Published

So, I'm sure you guys know that I had just purchased a Motorola Milestone. Well I decided to write a review for the Erodov Article Competition 2010 to get a shot at winning one of the awesome prizes.

Anyway, the review just got published last night, and I'll link it here.

Aumkar Iyer's [E]xclusive Motorola Milestone Review

Constructive and destructive criticism will be appreciated on here. I'd like to know how well my writing style functions to communicate information.

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Erodov Article Competition 2010


  1. Hi Aumkar,
    First of all let me begin by saying that was an excellent review. Amazingly detailed yet simple! I just wanted to ask few questions though:
    1) Should i buy milestone or wait for HTC DESIRE(rumored for next month release)? My only concern is can 550Mhz+graphics accelerator of mile compete with 1Ghz of HTC?
    2) Also on the look of it Sense UI looks beautiful.Can i get it on milestone without rooting?
    3) Also you mentioned music files skipping while playing? Is this resolved or can we resolve it by using any other music player from app market?

  2. 1) If youre in India, the HTC Desire price will not go down at all.

    2) Sense UI is beautiful but you cannot get it on the milestone due to the fact that the Milestone has a locked bootloader to change core linux files.

    3) The skipping of music whilst playing was fixed in the 2.0.1 update. I experienced the skipping in 2.0 when I first bought the phone. Anyhow, there are plenty of apps that do much more than the basic Music app on the App Market.

  3. Wow. Thanks for the fast response. I think I am clear now. Will buy milestone. Its priced around 27k + gps is free for lifetime. That makes it a steal.
    The reason why i considered desire was HTC Legend has been priced at 24k. So there are rumors that desire might be priced between 27-30k.
    Anyways Thanks and appreciate your efforts....

  4. Hello Aumkar,
    I have heard reports that the phone gets heated up just 5 minutes into the call. Is it true?
    In general, does the phone ever gets heated up? I see that this has become a major problem for many.