Sunday, April 4, 2010

Relaxation Time.

So, since I reached Mumbai a couple of weeks back, life's been a helluva a lot less stressful and I can afford to relax at home.

Obviously, the lack of my gaming rig has resulted in my whiling my time away downloading TV shows like Two and a Half Men and watching them whenever I feel like it. Anyway, seems like the general consensus on the internet was that my Dell Studio can run CSS so naturally I was interested, giving the fact that I had 2 full months of summer vacation to bore my way through.

Anyhow, I ended up glorifying my return back to Mumbai with the purchase of a brand new Motorola Milestone so that's been keeping me busy as well. Also, I felt writing a proper review for it would do great justice and its currently in the process of being formatted and published and I'll put up a link here soon enough.

And after a few days of messing around with my phone, I got bored and then began to stare at the 1TB drive that I had saved from my rig.. and decided that I had to get an enclosure for it so I could access all my data, leading me to buy a beastly looker, the Sunbeam Airbox 3.5" eSATA enclosure.

And since then, I've been busy writing and editing the review for my phone, getting some furniture moved around at home and all that. I would end up getting bored and all that, watching shows till 2 or 3am, and waking up at a relatively decent time like 10am. Anyway, to pass the time when I'm not watching something or the other on my laptop, I sit and play, and frankly I don't think my mom likes it seeing as she knows I sold my rig to not play games anymore!

But now, I have something to look forward to. The next To-Do item on my agenda is go to and check out my marks tomorrow at 1pm at college. Sounds terrible? No actually. Seeing as to how I think I wrote my second internal exams and my finals extremely well, I feel that it's actually something to look forward to. I'm getting all the exam jitters and its surprising because usually, I don't care. I'm mostly the nonchalant student just going to check out the results, call my mom, and head back home.

But I feel different about this one. I'm really hoping for the best.

And I apologize about the delay for this post. Let me know if it doesn't live up to your expectations. My heads going to be blown tomorrow so I'll probably be off the grid for sometime.

Until next time.