Friday, March 12, 2010

Finals finish. And vacations start.

So.. It seems that after I stopped playing games, I tended to remember everything that I was supposed to for my exams. Maybe that's what pushed me to getting rid of my PC. So that in my final year I should be able to concentrate on my studies alone so that I can achieve the dream of every Indian parent. Get good marks and succeed. Bleh.

So, last week, finals started. One exam right after the other with no breaks except for a measly Sunday in between. Seemingly, all the hard exams were in the first week with 2 relatively easy ones in the week after. Surprising thing was.. now that I had actually studied for my exams, my first few exams went SO well that it had actually come to the point where it scared me as to whether there was something wrong with me or was I delusional about the exams.

Regardless, I was genuinely scared that the usual trend of my first few exams going well would result in terrible exams later would continue and put a dent in my marks. Surprisingly, that didn't happen at all, and I didn't seem to find the balance that was usually there with regards to my examination performance. Hell, even my last exam went well providing a truly awesome end to my finals.

There was one nagging aspect to my exams finishing though. I felt no release, no change at all in my lifestyle. To be brutally honest, I felt no change in my life after completing my finals and my second year. I'm assuming this has something to do with my college life being much like a vacation with just having to attend some classes in the morning or afternoon and having the occasional test and assignment. That's not what education is supposed to be all about. The point of having vacations is to give students the break that they deserve after they work their noggins the whole freakin year. I guess thats not the case when it comes to my college.. or any other college in Mumbai for that reason.

Well forget that. After my last exam, I decided to go home and like a bad reaction, my dad seemed to be in a bad mood, and obviously, that transferred to me as well resulting in some kind of random fight for no reason whatsoever. Anyhow, people seemed to be busy and I was leaving for Chennai the next day but I figured I'd just sleep it off real quick.

The next day was the supposed start to my vacation and not surprisingly, due to the exams, I ended up waking up at 630am, getting out of bed at 715 and doing absolutely nothing but sitting on my laptop and posting on Erodov and trolling Engadget :| .. Later in the afternoon, my aunt came and shed a little light on the working of the BSE and then I went out with a friend which brings me to the awesome start of my vacation.

It started with a godforsaken two-wheeler accident. Bastard in a fucking car left me with barely any room to maneuver. He started moving toward the junction as I was turning in.. and then he awkwardly stopped leaving me no room, hitting his car since I was riding my friends HH Pleasure and that ended up throwing her off while I just kinda, erm, fell over all limp and shit. Putting the scooter at the side of the road, I tended to her and she seemed fine except she sprained her right knee. Not very good for me seeing as I ruined my best friend's vacation lulz. Anyhow, its not like I came out unscathed. I ended up with a nice wound on my right arm, and ended up TOTALLY fucking up my left shoulder and elbow, causing multiple sprains and bruises in the areas, and my left tricep is so fucked to the point where I can't outstretch my arm and essentially moving it causes a lot of pain. Maybe its a good thing that I can type well using just my fingers :P. What a truly amazing start to the vacation. Funny thing is.. I was telling my friend, "You know, I'm leavin today and the only reason I'm not speeding is cuz I don't want to have an accident right before my trip". Well, whoop-dee-fuckin doo. Thats exactly what happened.

And then.. that night, I had the Chennai Express to catch and I realized, fuck, I'm going to be in a ridiculous amount of pain the whole journey.

More to come on my trip later. For right now, I have some meds to take and some sleep to catch up on.



    Take Care! What did your dad say about the accident?

  2. Surprisingly he was very nonchalant about it. He's still very calm and collected. I feel a storm brewing :O