Monday, March 15, 2010

A little time in Chennai.

This shouldn't be too long considering I don't do much here but here goes.

So I reached Chennai sometime in the evening, but then my dad decided that we should get down at this random suburb called Perambur and take a train to Mylapore instead of going all the way to our destination - Egmore. So we get down, I'm carrying a heavy duffel bag with my right hand cuz of the injury I sustained on my left arm and my dad's carrying his laptop carrying case and a trolley bag of his own. Knowing the Mumbai trains very well, I was a little skeptical about getting on the local trains here because of the crowds.. of which there seemed to be none. And this was around 730pm or so. I guess I should have thanked my stars that it wasn't crowded, helping me give some much needed rest to my arm. So anyway we were lucky enough to get a somewhat empty train, get to the "Beach" station and switch to another train to get to Mylapore, which incidentally is supposed to be close to my aunt's place, where we were headed. After getting there, man was I exhausted. On top of this my dad decided he wanted to take the bus to Santhome at which point I put my foot down and I told him off using my injury as leverage. Thus we managed to get a rick home right from the Mylapore station.

Anyway, we got home, did some catchin' up with my cousin and aunt, and since my dad was still pissed with the condition of Navi Mumbai, he just decided to be unpatriotic for sometime and decided to have an argument with my cousin who thinks India is the best place in the whole wide world. I don't blame her, but she's picking the wrong person to argue with. Of all people in the world, she decided to pick my dad to have an "India is awesome" debate. I guess we crashed around 1145 or so since I had to catch up on my beauty sleep that I never got on the train journey.

Now, generally, people who've just had long trips are supposed to get some rest atleast for sometime. I ended up waking up at 4am, 530am, and staying awake after then not being able to get any sleep the next day. My dad wasn't helping either. I know he's all excited and all that to get our house property work finished up but come ON! I need to be able to rest to do anything functional. Anyway, my dad wanted to meet our lawyer at 9am so we head out only to call him and find out that he's gone to some pilgrimage while we're on our way there. Well THAT was mighty useful, making us waste a trip for no reason. Anyway, we headed back home, had something to eat and my dad got some insight on the local schools since he intends on moving us to Chennai. Then I FINALLY got to rest, slept for a good 3 hours in the afternoon after lunch and my dad decided to pull me out again to get MOAR work done and talk to the other party that we seem to be having problems with. Anyway, my schedule has been pretty much like that everyday since I came here. Wake up early, leave the house to finish up some work, come back by afternoon, leave in the evening again to finish up more work.

To add to my dad's frustration, his wallet got nicked on Saturday on our way out of a crowded bus. Thankfully he didnt lose much in the way of money and anything in the way of IDs and what not. Anyway, we're busy just visiting lawyers and the dude we're dealing with and all.. And of course we're busy visiting schools so my dad can do some research on getting my sister an admission here in Chennai.

All this work that thoroughly tired me out and I'm absolutely exhausted. There's nothing much I can do since I only give my dad company because his eye injury from playing badminton a month or two ago and his vision is not up to par yet. Thats actually one of the reasons I'm here in Chennai and not at home enjoying my vacation.

Mostly, other than this schedule, I chill with my cousin and visited the beach the other day for some catching up time. Surprising thing is, this hardly feels like a vacation. I end up waking up early around 630am and sleeping around 11pm or so.. and this is hardly my schedule during the holidays. Hell, it ain't even my schedule during regular college days.

Somehow, I feel like I've lost weight and all my travelling in the sun is getting to my head and I'm slowly going insane here. Its good that my aunt makes truly awesome homecooked food and I feel absolutely at home here. So atleast Chennai doesn't lack in the hospitality department at my family's home and I'm very grateful for it. It also helps that I live near the beach when the temperatures are at 96F right now. If I went out in the sun, I'd get char-boiled.

So it seems that my train back home is on the 18th and not the 17th as I expected, meaning I'll end up back home on the 20th. A day later than I expected which means another grueling day in the heat. Maybe I can take a break tomorrow and rest, but thats the most I can hope for. There's a lot of groundwork to be covered in the next few days until my dad and I depart so I'll just bite down on my tongue, deal with all his fights and frustrations till we get back so I can just transfer the work to my mom while I relax in my real vacation. And then I'll have to find a way to keep myself busy during the vacation, but I might end up having to come back to help complete the work we have pending over here.

Until next time, my sparse readership.


  1. I haven't been to India in many, many years. Probably well over 12 years, now. Yet... all of this still sounds kind of familiar. Are you going to school there?

  2. He lives here, he is currently in college

  3. Yeah sanya, I currently study in Bombay..but I'm on a weeklong vacation in Chennai.

    How's Waterloo?

  4. you make my life seem so insignificant.....predictable even....and btw i got lost between mylapore and skinapore and whatsapore..might as well mentioned its as "getting to point A thru point B"..just my .5 cents (i know its 2)on the table. ciao